About Us

Manuka Health New Zealand was founded in 2006 by former CEO Kerry Paul, who from his living room began a labour of love that less than 10 years later has grown into a global business with a distribution network spanning 45 countries.  

Based in Kerry’s hometown of Te Awamutu, New Zealand, Manuka Health is now a major employer in the region, and one of the largest global manuka honey companies. 

Manuka Health’s commitment from the very beginning has been to provide premium natural products that combine the very best of nature and science.  Utilising natural bioactive ingredients unique to New Zealand, we produce a wide range of premium products including  BIO New Zealand Propolis™Royal JellyBee Pollenmanuka honey skin care, oral care  and  medical wound care.

The marriage of nature and science is the foundation of Manuka Health. 

From beekeeping through to production we use methods proven to preserve the bioactivity and potency of the natural ingredients, and apply scientifically validated testing to guarantee the quality of our products. Our scientific research partnerships aid ongoing innovation as we continue to break new ground in providing trusted, effective natural health products to our customers.

Our Commitment 

Given by Nature, Proven by Science

We are committed to improving the wellbeing of our customers by providing high quality trusted natural health products that harness the scientifically proven benefits of unique bioactive compounds from New Zealand’s native flora and fauna.


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