BIO30™ New Zealand Propolis Liquid

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Pack Size 25ml

Propolis is a natural resin found in the young buds of trees. Bees collect propolis, mix it with their own enzymes and beeswax, and use it to seal the hive. This creates the most sterile environment known in nature and protects the hive against disease.

Propolis is rich in amino acids and trace elements. It has high vitamin content and at least 38 valuable bioflavonoids, phenolic acids and esters including caffeic acid phenethyl ester or "CAPE".

Propolis has traditionally been taken for immune system support. These drops can be mixed with a beverage or taken directly from the dropper.

Manuka Health’s Propolis is gathered by bees from plants in New Zealand’s pristine environment. BIO30™ New Zealand Propolis, used in this product, has very high bioflavonoid levels that have been independently certified to be at least 30mg/g (BIO30™). This alcohol-free formulation contains 25% Propolis solids in a water-soluble base.

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