Manuka Health Team Brings the Best of New Zealand to Vitafoods Europe
Thursday, 7 May 2015


The Manuka Health team was excited to participate at Vitafoods Expo in Geneva,  from 5-7 May, launching the powerful MGOTM Manuka Honey with CycloPowerTM  and also displaying the skincare range, featuring the award-winning  Manuka Clear products. Dr. Mike Durbin, Manuka Health’s General Manager of Wellness and Nina Paul, Manuka Health’s Marketing Director, have also met with many distributors including Propharma, from Poland and Happy Planet, from Slovakia and also generated new business connections.


Manuka Health is the first to have combined all natural CycloPower™  technology with New Zealand Manuka Honey. CycloPower™ is a natural and effective dietary supplement and is the latest breakthrough product from Manuka Health New Zealand. High grade MGO™ 400+ Manuka Honey from New Zealand is complexed with natural cyclodextrins which enhances the characteristics of the honey and provides supercharged support.

The skincare range are truly natural products nourish and protect all skin types including dry, sensitive or trouble-prone skin. It's gaining popularity and has been in featured in the USA's Skin Inc. and Beauty  Store Business Magazines this year, as well as on Fox News.

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