Manuka Health and Enrich+, a successful partnership helping local individuals
Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Photo source: Enrich+ News

Prime Minister John Key visited the Waipa region earlier this year and spoke with people currently gaining work experience at Manuka Health in Te Awamutu. 

Enrich+ has over several years, supported a number of individuals to develop work skills, through a much valued partnership with the go ahead business, Manuka Heath. 

Manuka Health is proud to be involved with the development of local individuals and partner with Enrich+ through education, employment and empowerment; individuals are supported to be a real part of the communities of their choice.

Enrich+ Service Manager Vanessa James shared with Mr Key the value of the experience to the people she works with. Outside of honing their understanding of what an employer is looking for in an employee, getting quality feedback on their work skills, and earning a real wage, the experience has helped prepare individuals for permanent employment.  Seven of the people who have been through the Manuka Health experience have over the past year, have gained full time employment elsewhere.

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