Pioneering Leadership

Our core strength is built from our pioneering attitude.

Manuka Health’s pioneering spirit is exemplified in the union of science and nature underpinning our philosophy and our products.

Our Research & Development team, in collaboration with our global scientific partnerships, continues to deepen our knowledge of these complex natural ingredients to achieve the best possible product quality and efficacy for our consumers. 

Manuka Health works closely with Government and industry groups to continue to advance and protect New Zealand’s Manuka honey industry. We are part of the Science Team working with The New Zealand Government’s Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) on the new Manuka honey definition and guidelines to help give consumers assurance of origin and quality.

Manuka Honey Pioneers – MGO™ Manuka Honey

In 2008 Manuka Health pioneered methylglyoxal (MGO) testing as a more precise and reliable method of rating Manuka honey, based on the groundbreaking work of our German scientific research partners.

Their discovery of methylglyoxal as a key compound(ref) naturally occurring in Manuka honey was a breakthrough after years of global scientific investigation to find the ‘magic Manuka ingredient’. Our ongoing research partnership continues to advance our understanding of this remarkable honey.

Propolis Pioneers – BIO™ New Zealand Propolis

Working with leading scientists, Manuka Health pioneered the process of extracting and measuring beneficial bioactive compounds found in high levels in New Zealand Propolis.

Our testing set a new standard by identifying the propolis compounds that are truly bioactive (active in the body), and guaranteeing the levels of these bioactives in our BIO™ New Zealand Propolis for proven immune support and antioxidant protection.   

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