Nature's Powerful Protector

Propolis is one of nature’s most powerful compounds.

Made by bees from plant resins and beeswax, propolis is used to seal, protect and sterilise the beehive. It acts as the immune defence mechanism for the whole hive and protects against invaders and infection.

Propolis has been used as a traditional health product for centuries, and modern science confirms that the protective properties of propolis have significant benefits for human health. 


The Importance of Origin

The quality and potency of propolis depends on the country and plants it comes from.

New Zealand’s unique environment and high UV exposure means New Zealand Propolis is of superior purity and quality, and has exceptionally high levels of protective active compounds (bioactives).

From the tree to the bee... to us.

These bioactives are all-important. Plants produce them to help protect and enhance their survival, bees turn them into propolis to protect their hive, and they can also protect us humans with powerful immune support and antioxidant properties.