Matcha-Manuka Super Mask

Thursday, 05 April 2018 | Fiona

We recently caught up with Cherlyn from Wildly Wholesome, who has come up with her own Matcha-Manuka super mask. 

Matcha is like green tea with superpowers. It's made from the same plant, but Matcha is made when the whole leaf is ground into a fine powder, meaning that it contains beneficial elements that are usually thrown away with the old tea leaves. When taken orally Matcha boosts metabolism, detoxifies and helps with concentration. When applied to your skin it also has some great effects, especially when combined with manuka honey. 

Here are some of the benefits of applying matcha and manuka honey to your skin:

Reduce Inflammation

Matcha powder contains a compound called EGCG that helps calm your skin and reduce redness. Manuka honey also has soothing effects on skin that help de-puff and brighten your face. 

Improve your Complexion

The small particles that make up the powder act as a gentle exfoliant when gently rubbed in a circular motion on the skin. This helps to remove dead skin cells and relieve congested areas around that tend to occur around the nose and chin. Matcha also contains vitamin K which can help with dark under-eye circles.

Fight the signs of ageing

Matcha stimulates elastin production which adds volume to the skin and fills in the small creases we start to notice as we age. Manuka honey draws and holds moisture in the skin, providing hydration and reducing the visibility of small wrinkles. 

Fight overactive oil glands

The green super-powder contains tannins which are thought to reduce pore size and moderate oil production. 

It's gentle on all skin types

Being 100% natural and plant-based, matcha is a pretty safe bet when it comes to skin care remedies. 

To make Cherlyn's Matcha-Manuka super mask simply combine equal parts manuka honey to matcha powder. Mix the combination well and apply to clean skin. Let it sit while you drink a cuppa for a few minutes (make a Matcha tea!) then use wet fingertips to gently rub the mixture in circular motions on your face. When you're ready wash it off with warm water and apply your usual moisturiser.