Why choose Manuka Health MGO™ Manuka Honey?

Leaders in Manuka Honey Science - we’ve spent years discovering Manuka honey's secrets, protecting and optimising its purity and extraordinary natural properties, and we continue to develop our understanding and expertise with our scientific research partnerships.

Care & Expertise from Hive to Home – our dedicated team of specialists (about 1.5 billion bees and 140 humans) carefully craft and nurture this rare and special honey at every step of the process.
100% New Zealand Origin – every jar can be traced right back to the beekeeper it came from, and has been carefully tested, packed and safely sealed all here in New Zealand in our specialised honey facility.

Tested and Certified for MGO potency, purity and quality – every batch is tested so you can trust that our premium MGO™ Manuka Honey is exactly what it promises to be.



All our MGO™ Manuka Honey is tested and certified for potency, purity & quality

MGO™ Manuka Honey Range

Our MGO™ Manuka Honey comes from remote, untouched areas of New Zealand. Our team of honey specialists carefully craft and nurture this rare and special honey, capturing the living energy of New Zealand nature in every spoonful.

From gourmet Manuka Honey Blend right up to MGO™1000+ Manuka Honey for ultra care, we have the Manuka honey to suit your every need.


As part of beautiful new packaging design, we are adding elements to reassure our customers on authenticity, potency & purity.  Manuka Health now proudly carries both the MGO and UMF rating systems - we believe using both MGO and UMF on our labels offers the customer the ultimate in transparency and reassurance of quality and origin. Our iconic red MGO double hex mark gives the exact content of MGO in each jar (an indicator of its potency and power) and the UMF mark gives an added endorsement authenticating New Zealand origin. Combined, these trusted symbols solidify Manuka Health’s position as a trusted expert in Manuka honey. With the rollout of our premium new packaging we have also optimized the potency of our flagship MGO range. Our MGO 100+ will increase in natural MGO content to 115+ our 250+ to 263+ and our 550+ to 573+. This means even more MGO Manuka power in every spoonful. See table across for a guide to our new MGO ratings with the corresponding UMF grade.

Manuka Honey Winter Wellbeing Range

We combine high-grade MGO™ Manuka Honey with the protective properties of premium Propolis and other active and relieving natural ingredients. The range includes deliciously soothing MGO™ Manuka Honey lozenges, throat spray and syrups.

Just think of them as nature’s winter warriors!