China-based TV star, Alyssa Chia partners with Manuka Health in natural health promotion

Friday, 10 February 2017 | Journey

Supermum Alyssa Chia has travelled to New Zealand in a partnership with leading brands Manuka Health, Sanitarium and Integria. She spoke about her family’s approach to natural health at a symposium in Auckland this weekend after experiencing Manuka Health’s business first hand - meeting a bee keeper and seeing fresh honey from a hive, hearing about the great lengths the business goes to ensure a safe honey production process and sampling delicious Manuka honey products.

Alyssa’s focus on natural health and wellbeing is a perfect fit with Manuka Health.  Alyssa’s priorities for her family’s health is shared by Manuka Health’s own families. 

Manuka Health prides itself in being one of New Zealand’s leading and trusted producers of Manuka Honey and bee-based natural health products, collected from some of the most isolated and untouched parts of New Zealand. 

Manuka honey based products made by Manuka Health are tested and certified to contain a minimum level of methylglyoxal, the accepted lead indicator of genuine New Zealand Manuka Honey (MGOTM), which guarantee the amount of this special natural ingredient.  The higher the amount of methylglyoxal, the higher the grade of Manuka honey, for example Manuka Health’s MGOTM 400+ Manuka Honey, the business’ most popular product, is a high grade Manuka honey.  Manuka Health’s priority is to harness and protect the naturally powerful compounds unique to New Zealand, and through a secure supply chain and rigorous quality control, deliver authentic, high quality Manuka Honey and bee products to consumers all across the world.


Partnering with a China-based superstar is a continuation of the company’s focus on China as a tier one market says Manuka Health CEO John Kippenberger.

“Following our strategic distribution agreement with Beijing-based Chao Pi Commercial and Trading signed in August, this partnership with a health-conscious celebrity like Alyssa Chia will enable us to speak to Chinese consumers about our unique products and strengthen our connections with them as part of their everyday healthy lives. The beauty of our brand in overseas markets is the unique combination of nature and science. Our authentic, natural Manuka credentials are important to Chinese consumers who can trust our brand and product comes from the source.”

Chinese consumers’ interest in authentic, NZ natural health products is part of the appeal for Alyssa travelling here.

Chinese consumers can look forward to seeing more of Alyssa and Manuka Health says Manuka Health GM of Marketing Kate Kember.

“While Alyssa was here we were lucky enough to spend time with her meeting our beekeeper, sharing a New Zealand family breakfast and sampling with her our vast range of 100% New Zealand Manuka Honey and bee based products. That will be shared with Chinese consumers from November to January as we reveal her unique New Zealand experience.”

Alyssa was voted China’s hottest young Mum in 2016, has 2 children and is pregnant with her third.