Manuka Health Trust Codes

Monday, 18 January 2021



At Manuka Health we take our honey (and your honey) seriously. Every jar of our MGO Manuka Honey carries trusted independent certifications to ensure traceability, authenticity and potency, so you can be confident you are getting exactly what we promise. 

Lookout for the new lid labels and our beautiful new label designs on shelf soon. 

Thanks to revolutionary new technology, each and every jar of our MGO Manuka Honey can be traced and authenticated by simply scanning the unique QR code on the lidYou can directly scan the QR code of the product in your hand using the camera function on your smartphone. The QR code will confirm the batch number, packing date and place of manufacture of that exact jar of honey. Counterfeiting this QR code is next to impossible, giving you the ultimate assurance that you are getting the real deal.  


The origin and authenticity of our honey has also been independently verified by Oritain™ using special fingerprinting’ technologyThe honey inside any of our jars can be tested and matched with its unique, natural origin fingerprint to ensure it is exactly what it promiseto be. 

‘When a company goes the extra mile to have their product independently and scientifically tested, you can be confident you’re choosing a brand that really cares about the quality and safety of the products it makes’, Science Commercialisation Director, Sam Lind, of Oritain.


Our new labels now show a combined UMF & MGO ‘super-mark’. These two trusted rating systems provide scientifically verified and independent certification of the potency, quality and origin of that exact jar of Manuka honey, and guide you in selecting the right honey for your needs. 

“Consumer trust and transparency has always been at the forefront of our company ethos, which is why we pioneered MGO as the most transparent indicator of Mānuka honey’s potency over a decade ago. With these new technologies, we can meet consumers’ increasing need for authenticity and we can continue to say with confidence that all of our honey is protected and traceable from beekeeper to jar. Our new packaging gives consumers the additional information they require to make that all important purchase decision” Mānuka Health’s GM Marketing, Kate Kember.