Remote, Untouched New Zealand

New Zealand’s unique and isolated environment is the home of diverse plant life that produces powerful natural compounds with remarkable health properties.

Manuka honey is the ultimate combination of natural plant power and bee magic. For the best quality Manuka honey we need not only happy healthy bees, but also the best land to place our beehives on.

We ensure our bees get access to the very best Manuka areas of New Zealand through long-term partnerships with landowners who are just as passionate as we are. These regions are wild and pristine, dense with Manuka bush, usually only accessible via helicopter or rough tracks.


Guardians of our land

Manuka Health is a proudly New Zealand born and based company, and we take our role as guardians of the land very seriously. 

As beekeepers we understand the vital importance of the health of the land for the health of our bees and for the quality and sustainability of our products. 

Promoting the growth of native Manuka plantations is an important part of what we do.

Manuka is a wonderful regenerator of land and helps restore unproductive or deforested land which is prone to erosion. This hardy plant acts as the ‘nursery crop’ of the forest. It is the first plant that establishes itself after fires or on cleared land, and as it grows it creates shelter for other plant species to grow and re-establish the native forest. 

To date we have planted over 80,000 Manuka trees and we partner with Manuka Farming New Zealand and Kauri Park Nurseries in delivering planting initiatives that contribute to the New Zealand Government’s ‘One Billion Trees’ Programme to restore forestland throughout the country.

These Manuka plantations not only help regenerate the land, they also help sustainably grow the Manuka honey industry and support local communities with employment and economic benefits. 

Our Landowners – part of the Manuka Health family

Partnering with equally dedicated and passionate landowners means we can focus on what we do best – beekeeping and making the best quality Manuka honey.

Turning marginal land into Manuka plantations helps our landowners get the most from their land in an environmentally friendly way and share in the rewards of creating premium Manuka honey.

Working with local communities and Maori landowners to improve the productivity and revenue from their whenua (native land) means we can also help create jobs and support the local economy.


Te Roroa Farms

As part of the New Zealand Government’s ‘One Billion Trees’ programme, Manuka Health is proud to work with Te Roroa Farms in a long-term partnership to plant Manuka in the Northland region.

Starting in 2018 with the planting of 55,000 native Manuka seedlings which will be able to produce Manuka honey in 3-5 years, the planting will continue over the next 10 years to cover over 500 hectares. Northland is known for its high grade Manuka honey which produces high levels of MGO.