What makes BIO™ New Zealand Propolis so Powerful?

Manuka Health BIO™ New Zealand Propolis provides powerful immune support and is a natural source of protective antioxidants for health and wellbeing.

Our advanced research has identified the key bioactives found in high levels only in BIO™ New Zealand Propolis, and shown that these are active in the body and work together to provide greater protection.

Manuka Health developed the BIO™ Quality Standard to ensure that all our Propolis is carefully tested and guaranteed for purity, origin and high strength bioactive content.

BIO™ New Zealand Propolis sets a new standard in Propolis quality

BIO™ New Zealand Propolis is the only Propolis tested and certified for bioactive flavonoids and caffeates.

Manuka Health’s advanced Propolis testing identifies and measures specific bioactives shown to be beneficial for human health. Our testing is superior to standard Propolis testing which only measures total flavonoids, not all of which are bioactive.

Why BIO™ New Zealand Propolis is superior:

High Strength Bioactives – guaranteed amount of bioactive flavonoids, caffeates and CAPE in every dose

BIO™ New Zealand Propolis is tested and certified for bioactive potency, purity and quality

Premium New Zealand Propolis - pure concentrated extract

Not all Propolis is Equal

It is the bioactive flavonoids and caffeates (including CAPE) that give propolis its powerful properties. The presence of these compounds depends on the country and plant the Propolis is from.

Quality New Zealand Propolis contains high levels of certain flavonoids and caffeates (including CAPE) that are not found in Propolis from other regions. Our research shows that these are bioactive, meaning they are active in the body.

When comparing brands of Propolis it is important to compare the amount of bioactives not the amount of Propolis.

It is the amount of bioactives that tells you the strength of the product, and this can only be determined by scientific testing of the Propolis. 

Propolis products stating ‘1000’ or ‘2000’ mg are only referring to the amount of raw Propolis, which tells you nothing about the actual strength or quality of the product. Raw Propolis contains a lot of wax and impurities, and may contain no bioactives at all.