Support your first line of defence 

Tuesday, 08 February 2022 | Jono

The mouth, throat, nose and eyes are at the front line of our immune resistance.

These areas are exposed to the outside world constantly, and have built-in mechanisms to help protect against invasion of any bugs and foreign particles. 

But if they dry out or are otherwise compromised, our first line defences are impaired.

Common issues that affect these delicate areas include air conditioning, mouth breathing, dehydration, poor nutrition, smoking and air pollution. 

There are a few simple things you can do to help keep your front line in great shape:

  • Stay well hydrated - drink plenty of pure water throughout the day along with restorative herbal teas. Chamomile, Ginger and Licorice are all soothing and protective, and are perfectly enhanced with a spoonful of Manuka honey.

  • Natural lozenges and throat sprays can help soothe the mouth and throat, prevent dryness and aid defences. 

  • Try a natural salt water gargle and nasal rinse to cleanse and refresh the mouth, throat, nose and sinuses

  • Keep hands away from your eyes, nose and mouth to avoid introducing any foreign particles. 

  • Blink! Air-conditioning and too much screen time dry our eyes out. Regular blinking is the bodies way of keeping the eyes cleansed and protected. Regular breaks outside in the fresh air away from screens and A/C also helps keep the eyes from drying out and getting strained.